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Mountain Eco-Friendly Self Catering Lodge in Schoemanskloof,Mpumalanga


Eco Self-Catering Chalets & Natural Bavaria
  • Wolwekrans Lodge also known as the Jewel of Mpumalanga is situated in the majestic Schoemanskloof escarpment, with breathtaking 240 degree panoramic views of the Lowveld valley and the Drakens mountains.
  • Wolwekrans is situated on a stunning 120 hectare mountainous farm.
  • Absolutely perfect for romantic and family getaways.
  • Every Chalet has its own private boma, deck,fully equipped kitchen and braai facilities.Best of all each chalet is 100% eco-friendly with electricity being supplied via solar and gas.
  • We have the following unfenced wild game on Wolwekrans – Koedoe, Rietbuck, Duiker,Nyala Bushbuck, Klipspringer,Bushpigs,Warthog,Jackal,Baboons and some local Leopards.
  • There is a reason why we have been voted one of the best eco self-catering lodges in Schoemanskloof, Mpumalanga.
  • Our promise to you is, that you will leave Wolwekrans with a heavy heart after staying with us. Experience eco luxury self catering accommodation with a blend of untouched nature.
  • We are Proudly part of the Schoemanskloof Tourism & Accommodation Consortium.
  • We are Tripadvisor Recommended as one of the Premier Self Catering Lodges and Accommodation Establishments in Mpumalanga for a reason.
  • Need some more convincing? View more photos and see more information regarding our self catering chalets
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What makes us different from the usual?

"Dine and Wine under the African Sky with the sound of untouched nature"

schoemanskloof accommodation
schoemanskloof accommodation

mpumalanga self catering lodges
mpumalanga self catering lodges

mpumalanga self catering lodges

240 Degree Shower View

mpumalanga self catering lodges

Chalet Mountain View

Leading Self Catering Lodge in Mpumalanga,Schoemanskloof

When it comes to exclusivity mixed with total tranquility,Wolwekrans has set the benchmark for self catering accommodation in Mpumalanga.
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What to Expect at Wolwekrans

Award Winning Eco Self Catering Lodge in Mpumalanga


  • We are a mere 2 and half hours away from Johannesburg / Gauteng and only 30 minutes away from Nelspruit. The close locality has made Wolwekrans a favorite destination due similar standard lodges are almost a 150km further on.
  • Our main entrance is right next to the N4 which makes getting around super easy. Our 3km gravel road is in a fair condition, and our aim is to only make high range 2x4 or SUV vehicles accessible to Wolwekrans. The road is kept rugged for a reason, to ensure total exclusivity to the eco lodge.If you do need to be shuttled to the lodge - please speak to your booking agent.Each cottage is built around extreme privacy and exclusiveness.Classic Romantic breakaway in Mpumalanga
  • Break away from the the ordinary and experience this amazing Mpumalanga lodge.


  • Wolwekrans started as an idea when 16 year old Louis Schoeman told his father - " Dad,we need to create an exclusive lodge on our farm, we have everything here. Flora,views,wildlife and pure spring water"
  • This idea got realised 15 years later when ground work for the eco lodge was laid under the watchful eyes of the locals e.g Kudus,Duiker,Baboons and more.
  • Wolwekrans farm has been in the Schoemans family for more than 20 years and we would like to share this amazing piece of earth with every visitor at Wolwekrans.
  • Become part of the Wolwekrans family and see why we rated so highly on Tripadvisor for superior self catering chalets.
  • Read more about the Schoemanskloof area.where we are situated
  • Experience self catering luxury lodging like never before.


  • Wolwekrans is an all year round fantastic destination with the best of both worlds.
  • Winters are cosy around 3 - 8 degrees Celsius making it perfect for family bonding around your private boma or indoor fireplace.
  • Spring and Summer is all about the natural beauty of the environment when the thousands of wild proteas starts blossoming. It a sight close to the wonders of the Namaqualand flower blossoming.
  • Summer and Spring gets very hot during the day which makes it perfect for a cold refreshing dip in the crocodile river or nearby natural spring – Psst : no Crocs or Hippos around the dipping areas for around 20 km.
  • We can't wait to welcome you at our self catering lodge...


  • Fancy a round of golf or Big Screen TV– Drakenzicht Golf Course and Bar is a mere 10km away from Wolwekrans Eco Lodge.
  • Restaurants are situated a mere 3km from Wolwekrans.
  • Horse riding Facilities is a mere 10 min away from Wolwekrans.
  • Quad Biking Tours - 10 min away from Wolwekrans.
  • Visit the world renowned Sudwala Caves which is only 15 min away.
  • MTB Enthusiast can visit the national MTB course at Mankele.
  • Crocodile Farm - Open to the public.
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The Self-Catering Lodge in Mpumalanga Offering Affordable Accommodation

Escape into the mountains of the beautiful Schoemanskloof

Sometimes, all your body and mind needs is a weekend retreat, away from the draining routine of everyday life. A Wolwekrans, we offer our guests that opportunity to escape from the world and shut down in a way that no other getaway will provide. Our eco-lodge is situated high up in the picturesque Schoemanskloof mountain range, far from the drumming noise of the city.
Only 2 hours away from Gauteng, and closer still if you are visiting from within Mpumalanga, Wolwekrans is the ideal, affordable destination. Both families and romantic couples looking to experience the rawness of nature will find something special when staying at our accommodation in Mpumalanga.

There might be a lot of lodges in Mpumalanga, but none quite compare to the sereneness of Wolwekrans. Along with the blissful environment, guests also have access to a number of comforting amenities, although, our eco-lodge is a little different.

To blend in with nature, and to guarantee your break, we don’t have conventional electricity sources. Instead, we rely on gas and solar power. You will also find no internet connection or Wi-Fi up here. You will only find the perfect excuse to disconnect.

Getting Back In Touch With Nature Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Even if you are just spending a single weekend at Wolwekrans, it will not just be a weekend well spent. It will be a weekend worth remembering. There is plenty to do here, especially if you are the outdoors kind of person, and there will also be plenty of time to relax if you are just looking to kick back and enjoy the views. Regardless of the amount of time spent at our lodge, you will walk away refreshed and ready to face the world once more.

Generally, holiday accommodation in Mpumalanga is designed to be on the rustic side. Sure, there are plenty of luxury lodges to stay at when you visit Mpumalanga. But as we are known as a wildlife hub, rustic self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga is the norm. We take rustic to the next level, by being one of the very few eco-lodges in the area. By eco-lodge, we mean we not only have great respect for the lush bush and bustling eco-system into which we’ve built our lodge, but we also ensure that our carbon footprint, and thus the carbon footprint of our guests, remains minimal.

Lodges in Mpumalanga which are self-catering, give you more freedom with how you spend your time. There is no strict breakfast hour and you don’t have to be back at the lodge in time for dinner. You are responsible for cooking up your own storm, using the braai in the outdoor boma or using the indoor kitchen, at your leisure. You can cook the kind of meal you want to eat, rather than one dictated by a menu. This also means that you have more privacy. With staff only around when you need them, your time spent up in our mountain lodge is going to be completely private.

Experience a real Romantic Getaway in Mpumalanga

There are many reasons to pay us a visit but one of the biggest reasons would be because we are one of the top romantic getaways in Mpumalanga. Nestled high up in the mountains, couples have the perfect opportunity to bond and reconnect. Mpumalanga resorts and lodges are ideal for both winter and summer breaks. During the summer, our lodges’ elevated height means there is always a cool breeze to keep the summer heat at bay. While in winter, the boma, fireplace and warm bedding will keep you and your partner snug.

About the Schoemanskloof Valley

For many, the Schoemanskloof Valley is just a way through the mountains; a road from Johannesburg to Nelspruit (or beyond). But many people don’t realise or take the time to appreciate the gorgeous landscape that surrounds them. In recent years, more and more lodge owners, like us, have committed to building stunning, comfortable, and often affordably priced, lodges in the valley. The Schoemanskloof Valley runs from Montrose to the well-known Drakensberg Escarpment. In between these two areas lies citrus orchards as well as pomegranate and pecan trees. The fertile soil of the valley, which is watered by the Crocodile River, is exactly what is needed to keep farms lush. The gorgeous landscape is also what makes this area a dream holiday destination in Mpumalanga.

In terms of Schoemanskloof accommodation, it is not just about where you stay, but also what there is to do while you are in the area. Wolwekrans has a range of activities for guests to enjoy during their time at the lodge. You choose how to spend your time on holiday, and we have a few suggestions for things you can do in and around our self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga.
Things to Do At Wolwekrans

Star Gazing
When was the last time you lay back and gazed at the heavens? Life gets so busy that we quickly forget about the stars above us that provide a show of their own each night. We also tend to live in areas where star gazing is near impossible due to light pollution. At Wolwekrans, we have the clearest skies in the area, with the height of our lodge giving our guests a great vantage point. Up at our lodge, there is no light pollution to disrupt your star gazing.

Seemingly endless, unspoiled landscapes make for fantastic opportunities to go hiking. We have a number of hiking trails for you to enjoy and most of them are quite easy to tackle, so don’t worry too much about your fitness. Wolwekrans is home to plenty of wildlife, some of which might cross your path while hiking. We ask that you are always respectful of the nature around you. Other activities that you can enjoy in the area include fly fishing in places along the Highland Meander, as well as golf. Schoemanskloof is home to the only mountain golf course in the country.

Looking for an affordable holiday of a different kind? You could be staying at our Mpumalanga holiday accommodation. You can book your weekend getaway with Wolwekrans via our website or you can give us a call. Be sure to like our Facebook page to find out more about our holiday specials.